House of Oi! T-shirt

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Due to the number of enquiries from people asking if we would ever be offering a design to commemorate the legendary House of Oi!, the guys are delighted to add this to our collection of tees. In the two years this venue operated before the venue was closed due to the venue’s other forms of music all losing money except for the house of Oi! nights, what started as a bit of fun to try entice bands to play in the Crawley area, quickly became a much loved and bit of a cult place as the venue’s reputation spread like wildfire and people travelled from all over Europe, from Canada, the USA and even Australia to say that they had been to, and enjoyed the unique experience of, the House of Oi!, Bands to grace the stage included the UK SUBS, The Business, Last Resort, The Meteors, Anti Nowhere League, 4 Skins, Vice Squad, Hardskin and Peter & The Test-Tube Babies. Such was the unexpected success of the venue that people from the USA and Australia asked for permission to call the punk nights at their venues to be ‘in association with the House of Oi!’! Rumour has it The Captain has found another venue too, so keep your ear to the ground and your boots polished and at the ready!

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